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Your Sacred Healing Space

A safe space to relax, rejuvenate and heal

Policies and Procedures:

Ethical Business Practice:

I have chosen to become a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach to compassionately assist my clients in a professional manner, free of conflicts of interest, upholding confidentiality within the parameters of the law in my province and country. I will obey all laws, rules and regulations. I will treat all clients with truth and respect in every aspect.

I, Tammy Cristo, of Humboldt Saskatchewan, do not tolerate discrimination on basis of age, gender, appearance, race, creed, ability or disability, education, or lack thereof, economic status, professional or personal preferences, language, religion, or any other discrimination known, that may not be listed.


All therapies offered, are designed to assist you in your spiritual, emotional and physical well being, however, they are not intended to supersede any required or existing medical or psychological care plan.

Client Confidentiality:

I will keep all client information strictly confidential, with the exception of written permission by you the client, or as required by law. This is communicated through my informed consent form.

Referral Process:

I will deliver the session, and /or product that my client requests and pays me to deliver. I may refer my client to an appropriate professional, without expectation of compensation.

My policy for making specific referrals may include a referral to a medical doctor or a doctor of psychology, if I feel the condition or illness is beyond my scope of knowledge or ability. It may also include a referral to one or more of my many gifted, talented, educated colleagues trained in many beneficial modalities, such as reflexology, nutritional coaching, mayafascial release, cranial sacral therapy, etc,etc...